imageThis blog shares the wisdom of Isa, a beautiful dog with much to share.

Hello. My name is Isa and I’m a very cute and lovable 4 year old Pomeranian. I would have to guess that most dogs don’t have their own blog, but I’m not like most dogs.

One of my talents is that I am actually a psychic. Through the gifted Animal Communicator, Sheila Trecartin, I often give assistance to my mom and I work with her guides to help her learn her lessons, to grow. I also give a lot of advice and this is where my purpose lies. I have been asking for a platform from which to speak so Sheila and my human mother graciously came up with this plan for Isa’s Corner.

Each week, I tell Sheila something I would like to put on my blog and my human mother types them for me. As people come to appreciate my advice, I would like to help people. For anyone interested in seeking my assistance, simply click on the “How to Contact Isa” page for directions. If you’d like to have email notifications for my blog posts, click on the “follow” link to sign up.

Open your mind and change your life.

Update: things have shifted somewhat since this page was created. If you would like to read about my Soul’s purpose, please click here.



3 Responses to About

  1. winonacollier says:

    I am happy to start following your blog Isa. You are loved and special.

  2. Laur says:

    My little girl jazz was also very psychic and connected to me telepathically. It was because of her I am now able to speak to my furry companions. I had no idea I could do this and because she showed me the way I know can.
    Glad to know you have a voice, I hope to be a conduit for many creatures soon.

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