Honoring the Earth Meditation

imageThe energy of the planet is the energy of the planet and many people are feeling distraught because they don’t understand what’s going on. It’s the Universe’s way of waking people up and those who don’t want to be awakened will exit and those who are fighting the awakening will suffer a lot of turmoil.

We need to stand in peace and love and not forget that the heavy changes over the next month and a half are necessary for the evolution of the planet.

We can do our part by taking a couple of minutes every day and honoring the Earth, sending love to the Earth. Even if a small percentage of the population did this, it would still have a great impact because when you consciously send positive energy or love to something or someone, the benefits are 100 times more powerful than if you didn’t send it at all. You would see a significant impact in a positive way.

Pass this message on and let’s see how we can impact the Earth with love. Communities come together during turmoil and grief. But what would happen if communities came together for no other reason than to love one another, love the Earth, love the animals and love ourselves. We are all connected. If we can’t love one, we can’t love the other.


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