Circle of Love

imageLight workers at this time should be consciously spreading love because they’re in awareness of the spiritual shifting that’s happening. Those who are in shadow or unaware are struggling and forgetting to go to love and that’s where we need to go right now.

Right now, we’re dealing with what’s not working in the present. There is a little lull from the spiritual shifting in January. Everything gets restructured and coming into the spring, people are focused on childhood issues; cleaning out their closets, digging out what doesn’t work.

We have to remember to love and radiate love and remember not to get lost. We have to remember we are what we project. “I am what I feel, I am what I send, I am what I emit”.

If we stick together in love, we’re stronger and we’re united. However, when we face turmoil, everybody goes by the wayside. Every ‘man’ for himself.

We need to remember to unite.

With love,

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