Diamonds Within

imageI’m sending out greetings to everyone and hope that you’re enjoying your summer, as summer time is the time for stabilization and finding peace within.

Summertime is a time to enjoy the self and enjoy those that we love because the timeframe is so short before we move back into the fall, which will trigger more transition. We are now completing transition that was initiated in the spring and moving through the summer, completing that transition. We’re coming into a little low before we go back into the fall and more transition occurs later in the fall this year so whatever we’re dealing with right now, the transition will complete mid-September and then we will have about three weeks before we move into the next phase of learning and experience.

Right now the concept is understanding the self, being whole within the self, and knowing and loving the self. We need to understand that concept because we need to place ourselves in a balanced state and by loving and understanding the self and standing within the self, we bring ourselves into balance. This is important going forward as we begin to deal with other more external issues coming into the fall.

Right now, understanding the independence, the value of independence, and of loving the self is in the forefront, moving into understanding our contribution to the whole and our effect towards the whole going forward. So it’s important for everyone to take time to honor the self, love the self, and find that rest and peace in knowing the self.

Going forward, we’re going to be exposed to more universal awareness of cosmic shifts and we will start to see exposure and education of more galactic information globally. There is more understanding of stars shifting in the universe and more developments will happen on a more galactic level. More awareness is pertaining to astronomy and the concepts of stars and other planets and the functioning of other planets within our solar system. Within the next year, a large discovery is made that changes our perception and our understanding of the existence of what is out there beyond our earth plane.

It’s with an open heart filled with love that I send my gratitude to everyone for their support of me and my mission on this planet and I wish to send my support and belief in all those who decide to walk their paths and embrace what their soul has intended for them. I would like to commend those who are walking their path and not hiding in fear because I understand how difficult walking and embracing the path and the purpose actually is.

I love the analogy of understanding that coal, when put under extreme pressure, creates diamonds and this is exactly the analogy I want to use in getting people to understand what the turmoil and the learning does to the soul. If you realize that the human is the coal, through turmoil and fluctuation in life, it assists us in becoming the diamonds within. A diamond is a diamond and really is one less valuable or more valuable than another? It’s only our perception that creates that.

I would like to leave everyone with that concept to ponder and would also love to hear your insights on how you’ve been experiencing or handling the journey over the summer so far. When we share, we grow from other people’s understanding so I encourage you to express what you have experienced and your perception on things.

In loving honor,


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One Response to Diamonds Within

  1. ellen says:

    Thank you, darling 🙂

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