A Dog’s Gift – NEW BOOK

It’s finally out! The book you have all been waiting for.
A Dog’s Gift – A Spiritual Journey of Growth. Authored by Wanda Collier. book launch poster

A true story of how a dog named Isa came to assist his “human mother” – through a gifted animal communicator – to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Having had no faith, it’s a profound spiritual transformation that could only have happened because of her love for her dog. The lessons they navigate together are shared in this book along with spiritual messages provided by Isa for all to read.

“Wanda Collier and her companion Pomeranian Isa, a tiny ball of power and wisdom, have written a clear and engaging tale of how through their suffering and recovery, they mutually discovered spiritual insights and revelations. With the help of a gifted animal communicator, it was discovered how Isa channeled a depth of information that was both healing and spiritually uplifting. You will find guidance here that will be applicable to your own life.”
—Dr. Steven Farmer, Hay House author of Animal Spirit Guides, and Earth Magic

Get your copy today!

Printed Copy – https://www.amazon.ca/Dogs-Gift-Spiritual-Journey-Growth/dp/1986610411/ref=sr_1_1_twi_pap_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1524415069&sr=8-1&keywords=wanda+collier

Kindle – https://www.amazon.ca/Dogs-Gift-Spiritual-Journey-Growth-ebook/dp/B07CHDRWX4/ref=sr_1_1_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1524415069&sr=8-1&keywords=wanda+collier

Kobo – https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/a-dog-s-gift-3

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Victims: We Have Choice

Those who are victims believe they are victims. They are victims because their perception is that of weakness, a lack of control, and fear.

Truly, all a victim needs to do is change their perception. If a victim looks at things differently, they are no longer a victim. This is really what we need to learn in our lives, the importance of perception dictating how we live.

It’s how we perceive that brings us to the spaces that we go to. It’s what we allow. We allow ourselves to be weak or we allow ourselves to be strong. Whichever we select is what we feed our energy, time and efforts into and then it expands. We need to consciously remember what we are selecting in any given moment. This is how we can empower ourselves or weaken ourselves, depending on what we choose.

I forget at times and go to that space of victim. I get tired and forget that I have access to more energy and feeling better. It’s a choice, but it’s our ego that moves us to places to challenge us. It’s one of the beauties of living.


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Acceptance of Love

IMG_1730Love is what we allow it to be. When love is given, then one chooses to receive it at the level that resonates within. Not necessarily do people or animals accept it to the level that it is gifted. That’s our choice, that’s our discretion.

That’s why sometimes when you give all the love you can, it’s not enough for certain people or animals. It’s not enough because we gauge love based on our own self-worth. We gauge the reciprocation or the receiving of the love by our self-worth level.

That’s why I feel really loved because I have a lot of self-worth so I accept it all. That’s also why people feel free to love me. I’m accepting of the love of others and when you are accepting of the love of others, then they feel more willing to love.

With love,



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Happy Hallowe’en

img_0803Hallowe’en is about honouring the spirits and the recognition of the thinning of the veil. As we live our lives, we often forget to acknowledge those who are in spirit. We often forget the depth of the veil that sits between us and spirit and we often forget to appreciate the value of being alive.

In my mind, Hallowe’en is about having fun and celebrating the unison of the two worlds rather than the divide. I enjoy dressing up because when we dress up, we show patronage to those who stand on the other side of the veil.

If we truly think about it, the only thing that holds the barrier between the two sides of the veil is our perception and our awareness. So this is the day of the year that we actually stop – and we are supposed to – to show tribute to those standing in spirit, to those souls that are present on the other side of the veil.

We should honour that more frequently because the other side of the veil functions in unison with our functioning. Although we dress up and play and we have fun on that day, it’s meant to show that the other side of the veil is not actually scary. It’s fun and we should embrace that more consciously throughout the whole year.

On that day we celebrate. Let’s party, let’s enjoy and honour the thinning of the veil. Let’s honour those who walk with us who we can’t see – those shadow aspects as well as those lights aspects – because they are both very important to who we are, to why we live, and to where we come from.

As in everything in our life, beauty is a perception. I find beauty in spirit, in the veil, and in living. All things must be honoured. So celebrate, have fun, play and enjoy the night where our worlds are most closely united.

~ Isa





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Honoring Our Journey

imageIt doesn’t matter if you’re a snail or you’re a racehorse. What you require to be done will be in the timing that is needed for the self so a snail should never compare itself to a racehorse and a racehorse should never compare itself to a snail because the perspectives are different, the requirements are different, the learning is different, and the opportunities are different.

Of course, one would select to be a snail for different reasons than they would select to be a racehorse. When you use that comparison, it is easier for us to understand the idea of perceiving or looking from where we are at. However, when we become human, we tend to compare ourselves to others with much less respect and much less insight.

I hope that people will begin to realize that the individuality they hold is perfect, it’s exactly what is meant for the self and if we just embrace or harness our own journey instead of paying so much attention to other people’s journeys, then we would have much more love and appreciation for ourselves.

If you’re a snail, then you should honor the fact that you’re a snail and you should not compare to anything else and if you’re a racehorse, then you should just honor that you’re a racehorse and not compare to anything else. Whatever you are as a human – or whatever being that you are – then you should honor that and embrace it for what it is, and not for what it is not.

~ Isa


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We Are Masters

imageWe need to be accountable and responsible for our own actions and our own choices. We can’t expect others to be responsible for our lives. We can’t expect others to rescue us, save us, support us, or to pull us out. We have to utilize our own resources to save ourselves, to recognize that we are the only ones who can choose for ourselves.

We aren’t chosen for, we aren’t dictated to; we allow, we accept. We are in control of ourselves. We are the master of our own choice, our own path, our own destiny. We function from the self, of the self.

We are not a product of what occurs around us or to us. We are not a product of other people’s judgments or concerns, other’s values, other’s perceptions. We only allow those things into us. We only allow those things to be part of our belief structure. But we choose.

Be careful how you’re choosing, be mindful of how you’re choosing. Be responsible for yourself. It all begins with you.

~ Isa


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imageHello, my supporters. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am in the process of writing a book. It will be a spiritual book, about my life from an animal’s perspective and the things I’ve done.

If anyone has any stories about your interactions with me or if you want to submit anything to add to the book, please contact me on the form below.


~ Isa




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